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About Our Firm

Jordan Woosley Crone & Keaton, Ltd has a rich history within Hot Springs. It was developed over many years of strong professional and community services. The Firm is currently owned by Gary Welch, CPA, Jimmy Pate, CPA and Dennis Fason, CPA. The founding partners established a legacy that is still thriving and carrying on greater than 50 years later.

Clarence W. Jordan, CPA, opened his accounting office on December 24, 1961, at 1321 Central Avenue. He had previously been employed with a local accounting firm for 12 years in the position of junior accountant through CPA staff manager. Mr. Jordan retired in April of 1991, and passed away September 20, 2009.

In May 1965, Joe L. Woosley, CPA, joined Mr. Jordan to form the partnership of Jordan and Woosley. Mr. Woosley, a native of Kentucky, met Mr. Jordan at a professional development course in Memphis and later at a tax institute in Jackson, Mississippi. Mr. Woosley came to Hot Springs from a Jackson, Mississippi CPA firm. During the next six years, the firm continued to grow and was four times larger by June of 1972.

In July 1972, Glen W. "Bill" Crone, CPA, joined the partnership; and the name changed to Jordan, Woosley, Crone & Company. Mr. Crone, a longtime resident of Hot Springs, worked for 12 years for another CPA firm before joining the partnership. Mr. Crone retired April 8, 2011, and passed away February 15, 2016.

In September 1975, Harry C. Keaton, CPA, joined the partners to form a professional corporation to continue and expand the practice of public accounting under the style of Jordan, Woosley, Crone & Keaton, Ltd. Mr. Jordan and Mr. Keaton met in 1950 when Mr. Keaton trained Mr. Jordan while both were employed by the same firm. Mr. Keaton left a firm that he had helped establish and build since June 1954 and brought with him several, outstanding employees to join the Firm. This increased the total number of employees to approximately 25. Mr. Keaton retired in November of 2005, and passed away January 20, 2006.

Offices remained at the original location until January of 1976 when the Firm moved to its present location at 126 Hobson Avenue.

Effective May 1, 1978, Gary D. Welch, CPA, CVA, became a principal in the Firm. Mr. Welch worked with Mr. Keaton since January 1974, and was one of the employees who joined the Firm in September 1975.

Effective May 1, 1983, Dennis C. Fason, CPA, and Jimmy M. Pate, CPA, CBA, CVA, became principals in the Firm. The Firm had employed Mr. Fason and Mr. Pate for approximately five years.